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Arete = Excellence

At Arete we pledge to only offer the purest, highest quality, most nutritious organic superfood products mother nature has to offer! All traceable back to the seed!


Traceability begins with knowing exactly where each and every ingredient in our products comes from and building a relationship with our partnered farms. Their farming practices are very important to us, making sure their workers are treated ethically and paid properly. At Arete we only partner with the best organic farms in the world who have the highest standards in quality!

Arete is a trusted Health and wellness company with an unparalleled commitment to excellence, and that means providing our customers the highest quality.

We have a an incredibly strict NO JUNK policy – NO excipients, dextrose, maltodextrin, fillers, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Never any GMOs, antibiotics, gluten, artificial growth hormones or anything other than mother nature intended!

GMP Certified Facilities

At Arete we set strict guidelines who we partner with, our manufacturers rigorously follow the Good Manufacturing Practices that is required for Food Manufacturing and  Dietary Supplements. The GMP third-party certification program includes in depth inspections of the manufacturing facilities to making sure all the required safety and quality standards are being met.

Third Party Testing

After all our products are manufactured, we take things a step further by enlisting the most respected third-party, independent labs to double check even our GMP-certified manufacturers. This ensures us our products are free from any impurities and chemicals!

At Arete, quality also means exceptional service, and we take tremendous pride in providing our customers with the ultimate world-class customer service and a 5-star experience. The Arete team is composed of caring, hard working, employees who dedicate themselves to your success! We strive on doing everything with compassion, kindness and Quality!

We will only bring you the highest quality organic products! We are committed to always guiding, supporting, and encouraging our customers in their health and wellness journeys. Please visit our blog for the most up to date health news and information.

Our Product Certifications: